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Birthday activity for children: which one to choose?

Organizing a children's birthday party can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to finding fun activities to entertain the little guests. Are you looking for original birthday packages for your child? Are you lacking inspiration and don't know whether to opt for a musical evening or a birthday party in the garden? We have put together fun and entertaining ideas for you to make the party unforgettable. Discover them in this article.


Always celebrate your child’s birthday

Musikall kids a birthday activity for childrenBirthday parties are unforgettable moments for children and their families.

t's an opportunity to come together in good spirits, celebrate life and create treasured memories.

Additionally, children like to be the center of attention. It makes them feel special and loved.

For children, the dream birthday can represent a moment of transition, an opportunity to move on to a higher age and discover new experiences.

It is also a time to receive gifts and praise, which can boost their self-esteem.


Why should you celebrate a child’s birthday?

Celebrating a child's birthday is important for several reasons. First of all, it helps celebrate a new year in the child's life and reminds them how special and loved they are. Indeed, a child's birthday is an opportunity to give him special attention and make him feel that he is important to his family and friends.

In addition, it is often an opportunity to gather family and friends around the child to spend a friendly and festive time. Indeed, children enjoy receiving birthday gifts and being surrounded by loved ones, which can boost their self-confidence. Finally, the birthday party can be an opportunity for parents to create precious memories with their child through:

• a selection of birthday games;
•    afternoon tea ;
• photos and videos.
Thus, they share moments of complicity by organizing the party together or preparing activities for the guests. The photos and videos taken will be a treasure to keep as a souvenir of an unforgettable birthday.


What is the best activity to do at children's birthday parties?

Successful children's birthday parties don't happen without special activities. A good idea to start is to make a list of game ideas in advance, so that you don't have to improvise on the day. Consider:

• manual activities: cooking workshop or Lego;
• a creative workshop: drawing and painting table,
• star activities: treasure hunts, games of musical chairs, color games, etc.
• escape games for children;
For the party itself, think about the atmosphere you want to create. If you want the children to have fun together, group games are a good option. Musical chairs games are a great classic. While escape games, played as a team, can be a fun option for older children. The birthday snack is also an important moment of the party.

Why not organize a gift fishing trip, where each child will have to fish for a surprise gift with a paper fishing rod? It is also important to provide enough children's chairs so that everyone can sit comfortably around the table. Finally, to make the day even more special and support the atmosphere, don't hesitate to add a few touches of color here and there. Balloons of different colors or garlands will bring cheerfulness to the whole place.


Focus on balloons for an unforgettable birthday

Balloons are an essential element for any child's birthday party, as they bring color and joy. This is the basis for birthday decorations. There are a wide variety of balloons available on the market, such as:

• classic latex balloons;
• confetti balloons;
• mixed foil balloons.

For a child's birthday party, choose balloons in bright, happy colors like yellow balloons which can bring a sunny touch and a party atmosphere. While Paw Patrol or Spider Hero balloons will appeal to children who are fans of these cartoons. It is also possible to play with colors to create a particular atmosphere.


How to set the mood during a child's birthday?

To set the mood, you can put several tips into practice. Start by choosing a festive and fun theme. Choose a theme based on your child's tastes, their age or simply your preferences.

Prepare a music playlist: music creates a festive and joyful atmosphere. Prepare one that your little guests will like and that suits their age group. Streaming platforms like Deezer or Spotify have this functionality for free.

Suggest activities: activities such as birthday games, competitions or creative workshops will add rhythm to the afternoon.
Organize entertainment: a photobooth, karaoke, or a show can also be a good idea to entertain guests.

Prepare an original party decoration: this can help create an atmosphere conducive to laughter. Think about balloons, garlands, candles, pennants, posters, or any other decorative element that would suit the chosen theme.

Plan good birthday snacks: the arrival of the cake and the official opening of the buffet is a key stage. Plan a nice cake, drinks, sweets and snacks. Without filling them with sugar, there are great organic and healthy alternatives for the health of little ones.


Why call on a professional for birthday entertainment?

Calling on a professional for animation can have several advantages. An entertainment professional has expertise and experience in organizing children's events, so he or she is able to offer fun activities adapted to:

• the age of the children;
• their centers of interest;
• their energy level.
In addition, he can suggest original and creative activity ideas to make the moment unforgettable. Then, a birthday organization professional will relieve parents of the management of activities. Parents can thus fully enjoy the moment and concentrate on other aspects of the organization such as invitations, food, small gifts, or even the makeup workshop...

In addition, being accompanied by a children's birthday expert guarantees the safety of children during the activities. He will supervise the games, activities and various workshops to avoid any risk of accident or injury. Parents can thus have peace of mind and relax during the party.

Finally, an entertainment professional is equipped with quality equipment for the activities. It can provide games and equipment that parents may not have available, which will make the party more fun and interesting for the children. In summary, if your budget allows it, it is a good idea to offer children a successful and memorable party, while relieving parents of the organization and management of activities.


How does a child's birthday take place with Musikall?

Musikall Kids offers an original, stress-free solution for organizing a themed birthday party for your child aged 8 to 16. Give him an unforgettable experience by opting for a perfect birthday activity for both girls and boys. Karaoke for children is attracting growing interest among young people.

Imagine your child surrounded by his friends, microphone in hand, singing his favorite songs at the top of his lungs, in a private room with the Happy Birthday banner. Fun and for everyone, karaoke is an original activity that will mobilize all the children present. They will be able to deploy all their creativity while stimulating their:

• memory ;
• reading ;
• diction;
• ear ;
• vocal ability.

The professionals at Musikall Kids take care of everything. Expert facilitators chat with you to find out your child's interests and song preferences. They offer you a selection of activities adapted to the age and tastes of your child. On the big day, arrive at the agreed time, everything will already be in place with all the necessary equipment for a successful party. If you are looking for an original idea, offer your child to a karaoke birthday party with Musikall Kids.


Parents also have fun at Musikall

Musikalll has the ideal solution for parents wanting to organize an original birthday for their child without having to manage all the constraints. Musikall Kids offers a 2-hour karaoke session, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., for a single rate of €18 including tax per child. They take care of the organizational aspects so you can relax and admire your child's joy.

Karaoke sessions are ideal for children aged 8 to 16. You will be able to enjoy a private space that you will not have to tidy up after a tornado of partygoers.
Give your little group an unforgettable moment and why not reserve the next room for a parents' karaoke session?
Published on Thursday 27 July 2023