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Graduation ceremony to be organised? Book the Musikall

This is it, after months or years of studying, you are finally going to get the crowning glory of student life: your national diploma! This is undoubtedly an important event that should be celebrated properly. But how do you organise a graduation ceremony, what activities should you plan and who should you invite? Here are some tips for a successful graduation party.


The graduation ceremony: a landmark event


graduation ceremony atmosphereWe all have in mind the image of young American students throwing their "Mortarboard" in the air during an official ceremony on a university campus before going on the stage to collect their university diploma.

In France, universities are not so formal, but more and more institutions are offering to celebrate the end of a course of study and the successful completion of exams.

Graduation ceremonies are a key moment in the lives of young graduates and future professionals.

From small, intimate and chic parties to large parties between students, the event can take different forms.



Those invited to the graduation party


Before considering how the party will be held, it is important to define who will be attending.

karaoke to celebrate graduationA graduation party for young graduates


To celebrate the end of a year of study, or the awarding of a degree, the student office may decide to organise a party to which only the newly graduated students are invited. Like a graduation party or even better a prom, this event is a good idea to end a year of work or more in style.

Often, this kind of festive moment is organised around a dance party, but it can also take a more formal turn, with an aperitif, a small glass of champagne, and a speech by the director.

A celebration surrounded by friends of the graduates


While the graduation party is an opportunity to meet up with friends and celebrate all the efforts made, many also want to share this unforgettable moment with their loved ones.

There is nothing better than to release the pressure, have fun and live the moment surrounded by the people who have contributed, closely or remotely, to the student's success.

The party then generally takes the form of a big evening with friends, in a musical atmosphere, with pizzas and drinks flowing freely.


The traditional organisation of a graduation ceremony


karaoke in reims for a graduation partyWhether it is a big party or a more formal gathering, the graduation ceremony follows a certain unchanging ritual, beginning with a graduation speech by the head of the school or the valedictorian.

This is followed by the traditional formal graduation ceremony, where each graduate is called in turn by the head teacher or a teacher.

The diploma is handed over, a handshake and congratulations are exchanged, and the student joins the class.

This is when events vary depending on the organisation. Some will start the evening with music, others will have a quiet chat over a glass of champagne.



How to celebrate your graduation? at the musikall...


idea for a party to end a graduation ceremonyHas your establishment planned a simple aperitif for your graduation? Or would you like to celebrate the event in an original way with a fiery atmosphere? Why not end the evening by singing your favourite songs at the top of your voice, surrounded by your friends?

A tip? Go to Musikall! Book a karaoke booth for up to 20 people and treat yourself to an unforgettable and unexpected graduation!

After the official graduation ceremony, go to our karaoke bar and enjoy a crazy evening where you can let go of the pressure and enjoy the moment without any constraints.

In the intimacy of your karaoke box, sing loudly, sing off-key, hum or dance, nothing will come out of here (or almost), thanks to the soundproofing of the room.

Share a board of sweet or savoury treats, order your drinks directly from the tablet, and let yourself be carried away by the playlist of over 60,000 titles and hits from all generations.

It's a graduation party you won't soon forget!

The graduation ceremony is a milestone that marks the end of long efforts. To take the pressure off and celebrate, Musikall is waiting for you for a wild karaoke night!
Published on Thursday 30 March 2023