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Musikall Bar Karaoké Box
19 Rue de Thillois - Reims
Musikall Bar Karaoké Box

From the office to the microphones! Karaoke to start the mood at a company event

Today's professional world has made the organization of company parties a real art. So, how to successfully animate a corporate event and create a festive and warm setting? The goal is to put each guest at ease and make them want to have fun. To do this, there is nothing like the karaoke box. This is not a simple game, but an excellent tool for cohesion. What could be better than Musikall Reims for an unforgettable corporate party? 


Karaoke night, an animation accessible to all

set the mood for a corporate eveningKaraoke is one of the most popular entertainment. This entertainment space offers the public a selection of varied songs to satisfy all tastes, from rock songs to pop music, to the hit hits of the moment.

All colleagues, regardless of talent, can take the microphone and join the group to sing. 

In the end, what counts is not the vocal performances, but the dynamism and good humor that reign in the room.

If a colleague is more moderate, he can still enjoy music and motivate his friends.


Strengthen team cohesion through music

sing in a group to lighten the moodMusic is above all synonymous with sharing and emotions of all kinds. As part of a corporate event, karaoke proves to be a real gold mine when it comes to interpersonal communication, because by sharing a song, we also share a part of ourselves, our personality and our tastes.

This common moment of sharing breaks down barriers and promotes intergenerational communication between members of the same company. This is the type of exceptional event where you rediscover your peers outside the formal work environment. 

Well beyond the simple notion of fun and pleasure, this activity is an excellent lever for team cohesion. Indeed, pushing co-workers to sing together and find themselves in an atmosphere of relaxation and sharing after long hours of work is a way to create stronger bonds within the same team.

This activity is an exceptional opportunity that allows you to discover your employees in a new light, through moments of laughter, and to fill up on memories.


Musikall Reims, the ideal place for corporate events

private spaces and friendly atmosphere at musikallThe success of a professional event necessarily depends on the choice of an appropriate reception venue. Indeed, if the chosen place is at the same time stimulating, comfortable and friendly, it will contribute greatly to the success of the event. It is for this reason that an place like the Musikall, with its private spaces and friendly atmosphere, is a wise choice for such occasions.

Located in the heart of Reims, Musikall Karaoke Box offers much more than a bar. It is a unique space, a karaoke box that offers a new experience, just like Asian concepts. It offers 8 private rooms, all equipped with quality microphones and screens. This place is therefore perfect to host an afterwork, a birthday party or other corporate events and festive animations: gala event, private party, team building, seminar animation...

The Musikall also does catering by offering its guests a variety of dishes and dishes to enjoy in groups. An opportunity for your employees to extend the pleasure around a tasty cuisine, while enjoying a joyful and festive atmosphere.

This property provides B-to-B service and allows you to book your karaoke room online, including on the day. If you want to start organizing a corporate party without worrying about logistics, Musikall Bar Karaoke is an affordable and very practical solution. The team is made up of experts who will accompany you like an event agency. Thus, you will not have unpleasant surprises.


How to get the most out of a company party with karaoke?

Organizing a karaoke night entertainment for the staff of a company is a great way to strengthen ties and put good mood in the team. Nevertheless, we would like to draw your attention to the following points in order to ensure the success of this themed event:

•    Song selection: It is important to vary the list of songs, so that there is something for all age groups and tastes. From pop hits to rock classics to current hits, make sure there's something for everyone.

•    Choice of theme: To raise the level of the event, consider a theme night. Eighties, pop stars, musicals... Use your imagination!

•    Activities and challenges fun: Make the event entertaining with musical entertainment, games and challenges. For example, who will play the oldest song? Who will dare to face his colleague in duet around a funny title? These small activities considerably enhance the festive atmosphere.

•    Distribute singing time evenly: make sure everyone has the opportunity to be heard if they wish. A good balance ensures that no one feels left out.

•    Relaxation areas: if the establishment allows it, as at Musikall Reims, plan relaxation areas for people wishing to shelter from noise. Everyone will be able to enjoy this event undertaken at their leisure.
Finally, do not underestimate the weight of an effective event organization. Be sure to plan all aspects of the party in advance: booking the venue, selecting songs, choosing food and drinks, entertainment ideas, etc. These types of properly curated events will ensure that everyone can calmly focus on the most important part of the party: fun and entertainment.


Take the event further: take a trip to the bar after karaoke!

moments of sharing by discussing and singingWhen the karaoke session has been intense, there is nothing more pleasant than continuing the party with a small cocktail. The Musikall bar, accessible both before and after karaoke sessions, is ideal to continue this moment of sharing by chatting, exchanging impressions on each other's interpretations or simply relaxing. Or why not end up at a dance party?

Remember, if you want a really good atmosphere at your corporate party, you need to be creative, organizational and have a deep understanding of team spirit. The karaoke solution is, in this context, quite fun and unifying. The latter contributes to creating and strengthening the links between the participants, to promote their development and to share with them an enriching experience, full of humor and conviviality.

All you have to do is choose a suitable venue such as Musikall Karaoke, vary the entertainment offered and prepare the event well so that your event event is a great success. So, what are you waiting for to get started? Put on some music, hand the microphone to your guests and let the magic happen!

Published on Thursday 20 July 2023