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9 ideas for an unforgettable New Year's Eve Celebration, traditions and songs!

The passage to the new year is always "the date" of the Gregorian calendar. Almost ritualized, we organize a party all together, for the end of the past year and the beginning of the new one. But everyone has their own traditions. Not everyone celebrates the event in the same way. Some people even try to take advantage of the occasion to have an unforgettable New Year's Eve party. So here are 9 ideas for a New Year's Eve party that is out of the ordinary.

karaoke for a new year party in ReimsNew Year: origin and traditions

Celebrating the New Year has been part of tradition for centuries, although we don't really know the origin of this holiday. Besides, did you know that the customs are not the same in all countries?


The origins of the New Year's Day celebration

The celebration of New Year's Day is a popular holiday that originated several centuries before our era, in Ancient Rome. After having celebrated, for a long time, the new year in March, Julius Caesar fixed the beginning of the new year on January 1st. Symbol of renewal, the month of January honored Janus, the god of doors and beginnings, and promised benevolence and opulence.

The date of the beginning of the year was then modified several times, before Pope Gregory XIII definitively established, in 1582, January 1st as the first day of the year for the Christian calendar.


French New Year's Eve traditions

New Year's Eve is not the same in every home. In France, there are several traditions or ways to celebrate:
  • The caricatured meal of December 31, surrounded by the people we love. In the continuity of Christmas Eve, around a beautiful festive table, with foie gras, champagne, and all that French gastronomy can offer us of better;
  • The embrace under the mistletoe branch, when the twelve strokes of midnight sound. If this Celtic tradition tends to disappear, we continue joyfully to kiss and extinguish each other when midnight arrives;
  • The good resolutions, which promise to improve our daily life, and that we almost all drop on January 3rd ;
  • The fireworks, the most famous of which is obviously the pyrotechnic show of the Parisian night, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, in Paris;
  • The best wishes for the New Year, which we wish to everyone, close and not so close, until January 31, either in person or by means of a greeting card;
  • New Year's gifts, originally given to employees by the employer, but nowadays also given by grandparents to grandchildren.


New Year traditions around the world

In our neighboring countries, the traditions are just as good. All more surprising than the others. In Spain, you will have to eat 12 grapes, one for each stroke of midnight. In the Czech Republic, you will have to open an apple in two to see if your year will be happy (a core in the shape of a cross announces a bad year, contrary to the core in the shape of a star). In Croatia, lobster and crab are forbidden at the table because they bring bad luck. In Romania, you will have to put a bearskin on your back, before going out dancing to chase away the evil spirits. Finally, in Denmark, you will throw your broken dishes on the doorstep of your friends, to bring them luck.

8 party ideas to celebrate the new year

There are many party ideas for December 31st, and they vary according to your expectations. Festive atmosphere, quiet evening, unique experience or a moment of mutual aid, discover how to celebrate the new year.
  • Going to the opera or to a cabaret: what could be more festive than getting dressed up and spending an evening in the sumptuous atmosphere of a showroom? You can enjoy a dinner in the front row of a musical and dancing event that will put stars in your eyes while waiting for the twelve strokes of midnight;
  • Live a New Year's Eve in the sun: nothing is more exotic than spending New Year's Eve under the sun, far from the cold. Put on your bathing suit, your nice little summer outfit, and go to the beaches of paradise islands or warm countries, for a special evening that you will never forget;
  • Start the year by helping those in need. Make a difference in our society! An evening of risk, which is always an important moment for the associations that help the most needy (such as the Restos du Cœur or the Red Cross). Why not start the year by helping your fellow man?
  • Go admire the northern lights in Iceland: ending the year under the stars is a nice way to say goodbye and welcome the new year. Iceland is the ideal destination to have the chance to observe an aurora borealis ;
  • Spend New Year's Eve in an amusement park: we don't always think about it, but amusement parks stay open for New Year's Eve, and even offer dazzling festivities, like at Disneyland Paris or Parc Astérix. This is a great way to end the year with family and friends;
  • Organize a party with friends: simple and effective, the festive evening with friends or family allows you to get together and start a new chapter together. To have a good dance party, think of planning a theme party (crazy years, 80's, black & white, fluorescent party...) which will ensure you have fun all night long, and until the early morning;
  • Spend New Year's Eve on the ski slopes: go to the mountains to experience an unforgettable New Year's Eve. In a bar of the resort or in a chalet, the dance party will be festive, and will assure you to have fun until the end of the night;
  • Dinner in a restaurant: more traditional, but still very pleasant, the New Year's Eve in a restaurant is the opportunity to enjoy a special holiday menu in an unusual atmosphere. Restaurants usually take on a different look, from the most chic to the most festive, for a special evening you won't forget.

9th idea : Spend an original New Year's Eve in Reims during a karaoke night

The Musikall welcomes you for a New Year's Eve party in good spiritsAre you looking for the perfect place to spend New Year's Eve in Reims? The Musikall welcomes you for a karaoke night in a good mood! Our 8 karaoke rooms, which can accommodate up to 20 people, are the opportunity to live an unforgettable and totally relaxed evening, surrounded by the people you love.

Take a seat in the booth, choose your songs from a playlist of more than 60,000 titles, grab the microphone, and let yourself go! Alone, in duet or in group, hum or shout the lyrics of your favorite songs without any complex, and live the moment during an exceptional evening.

And to fully enjoy the moment, combine dinner with a party! Treat yourself with a salty and/or sweet board prepared on the spot. You can order drinks directly from the touch screen of your karaoke box.

As midnight approaches, start the countdown and welcome the New Year in a good mood, before starting your favorite Celine Dion song that will guarantee you a good start to the year!
You would like to live an extraordinary New Year's Eve, which is different from the usual and ensures you an exceptional evening? Book your box at Musikall, for a wild karaoke night!
Published on Saturday 31 December 2022