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Organise a bachelor party in Reims 4 reasons to book in Reims rather than Paris

Before putting the ring on their finger, it is traditional for the bride and groom to enjoy their single life one last time. The hen party and stag party should be memorable before the big day. It is up to the witnesses, siblings or best friends to organise this festive event. So, if you have to prepare a friend's stag party, discover 4 good reasons to have a stag party in Reims rather than in Paris.


What is a stag party?

A group of boys who found the perfect place to organise an EVG in ReimsOne of the most important traditions, the stag party (or bachelor party) is a celebration of the end of the groom's single life. This party is organised between friends and close family members, for an evening, a day, a weekend, or even longer.

The idea is to allow oneself all the follies, within reason, to create memorable memories before getting married, and to mark the occasion of this crucial stage in a man's life.

The stag party probably originated from an old tradition of feasting over a traditional dinner in the village inn, as a farewell dinner where almost any excess was allowed.



Why organise a stag party in reims rather than in paris?

If you are the groom's best man, best friend, or brother, you are probably in charge of organising his stag party. You will have to make several decisions to ensure an unforgettable party, and the first one concerns the place of the festivities. Here are 4 good reasons to choose Reims over Paris for a bachelor party.


Musikall des prestations de qualité à un prix attractif pour un EVG à ReimsYou will have the same services at a more attractive price


Stag parties often revolve around the same activities: bars, sports activities, nightclub, escape games, paintball, team activities, karaoke... And if Paris seems to have all these proposals, it is not the only one. Reims is just as attractive as the capital.

But the main advantage is that these same activities will be much cheaper in Reims. This allows you to organise an EVG on a budget, or to do more with the same budget.

On the other hand, if you are planning to party for several days, you will need to find accommodation. It seems obvious that this will be easier, but also much cheaper in Reims than in Paris.



A wide choice of activities in Reims for an EVG including the karaoke box at MusikallYou will have as wide a choice of activities

It is often said that in Paris, you don't lack anything. However, on closer inspection, there are some activities you can do in Reims that you won't find in Paris. If you want a unique bachelor party that is a bit out of the ordinary, then you will have a wide choice of ideas for activities on different themes:

  • Sporting activities: footgolf, Solex ride, bubble football, laser game, ULM baptism, Archery Tag, paintball, accrobranche... ;
  • Fun visits: van ride in the Champagne vineyards, city challenge or urban rally to discover Reims...;
  • Activities around wine and champagne: oenology courses, initiation to wine and champagne tasting, sabrage experience, visit of cellars and picnic, discovery of a Champagne wine estate...

Without a doubt, a truly unforgettable day.


Gagnez du temps et enchaîner les activités à Reims pour votre EVGYou make the most of a memorable day

Although Paris has the merit of having many places to go out, it must be admitted that to get from one point to another, you sometimes have to spend an hour on public transport.

In Reims, the city is not so big, and you can quickly link up activities without wasting time.

It is even possible to organise the stag party in the same district of Reims, so that everything can be done on foot, without the constraints of transport, and without the risk of excessive alcohol consumption.


Why go to Paris when you can celebrate your EVG in Reims?You discover the city of Reims

If almost everyone has already discovered all or part of the capital, few can say the same about the city of Reims.

The stag party in Reims is therefore an opportunity to discover this magnificent city and why through an EVG treasure hunt: the famous Notre Dame cathedral to the Tau palace, via the Champagne houses or the car museum.

Without necessarily visiting the sites and monuments, your visit of Reims can be done during a walk with friends, between two activities, between two restaurants or between two pubs.



Organise your event at musikall in Reims

Karaoke in a private box in Reims, an ideal activity for a stag party
What could be better than a karaoke night, an unusual activity, to spend a memorable evening and make a lot of good memories? The Musikall welcomes you in Reims for a tailor-made stag party.

You will be installed in a comfortable and design private box, and will only have to choose your favourite songs from the playlist, and let you sing at the top of your voice, surrounded by the people you love in a good mood! Beautiful songs, a song from the years of your youth, the latest hits ... the whole list is there with more than 48 000 titles.

The atmosphere of a competition for the best singer is guaranteed for your musical evening where you can drink the famous bubbly drink of the region: a glass of champagne! And nibble to the rhythm of your friends' (false) notes! Don't forget to take pictures of yourself during this joint activity.

Do you have to organise a stag party? Make the choice to have fun in Reims for a bachelor day, and a memorable karaoke night at the Musikall!

Published on Monday 19 December 2022