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Organize a bachelorette party in Reims All you need to know

Among the most important and emotional moments in the life of a bride-to-be, the bachelorette party is an opportunity to celebrate the last moments as a single woman. But for this moment to be unforgettable and to create beautiful memories, it is essential to personalize it according to the tastes and the character of the future bride. Discover then how to organize a bachelorette party in Reims.


Bachelorette Party: What is it?


Organiser un enterrement de vie de jeune fille au Musikall à ReimsBachelorette parties are not new. They are the result of a long tradition that has undergone great changes in recent decades.

Historically, the purpose of the Bachelorette Party was to allow the bride-to-be to gather all the objects and accessories that symbolized her single life, and to deposit them in a waterproof box.

The box was then buried in the garden, and was not to be unearthed until the birth of the couple's first child.

Today, bachelorette parties have changed a lot. In the new trends, they are mostly an opportunity to party before the big day.

Organized in secret by the best friend of the bride-to-be or by her best man, the purpose of the bachelorette party is to spend a last moment between best friends, a few weeks before the ceremony.

How to organize a perfect bachelorette party?


If you want to offer a memorable moment to the bride-to-be, you have to be organized to select the best ideas for activities. Whatever the size of the project, the bachelortte party must meet all the conditions to please the future ex-bride, and without her suspecting anything!


How a bachelorette party runs


Group of women singing for an bacheloretteHere are many different types of Bachelorette parties, and it is up to the best friend and the girlfriends to decide on the organization according to the bride-to-be's personality.

  • A bachelorette party: If time or budget is limited, organizing a bachelorette party can be enough to have an exceptional moment;
  • A bachelorette day: planning a day of various activities is ideal to make a lot of good memories;
  • A bachelorette weekend: ideal for a real break from everyday life, and to fully enjoy your girlfriends and the moment, the bachelorette weekend is an opportunity to do a lot of activities together, from the most sporty to the most cocooning;
  • A bachelorette week: if you really want to make this moment unforgettable, the bachelorette party can last a week. It is often the occasion to go on a trip with your girlfriends, but it requires a certain budget and free time.

Who are the guests for a bachelorette party?


In fact, the list of participants of a bachelorette party may seem simple to make. However, it can quickly become a headache, where frustrations and resentments are to be avoided. So, to ensure a great time, without conflict, and without forgetting people dear to the bride-to-be, the best is to ask her directly to draw up her guest list.

Group of women who organised a bachelorette party in Reims at karaoke MusikallAnd if you really want to create a total surprise, then here are some rules to respect:

  • Invite only people who will be present at the wedding
  • Don't feel obliged to invite the friends of your future husband's friends;
  • Don't skip the girl you don't like, but that the bride-to-be adores (it's HER time, you'll manage to take it upon yourself to please her! );
  • Choose a number of guests consistent with the planned activities (a moment of relaxation at the spa with 30 guests is not great, just like the karaoke night with 2).


Who prepares the bachelorette party and how far in advance?


From a small evening with friends to a weekend city trip, organizing a bachelorette party requires anticipation. And to be sure to aim right, it is essential to know the future bride well. That's why the organization often falls to the best friend, the witnesses or the bridesmaid.

Then, the many tasks and steps are usually prepared several weeks in advance:

  • Notify all guests;
  • Fix the date of the bachelorette party;
  • Choose a place and activities, and book them;
  • Anticipate the precise course of the event, step by step;
  • Anticipate the side events (meals, accommodation, transportation...)...
  • Free yourself from a maximum of tasks, like the photo album, think of the bachelorette party photographer for a beautiful photo session!
And all this, in the greatest discretion, so that the future bride doesn't suspect anything!

Good to know: you feel overwhelmed by the organization and want the best for your girlfriend? Take advantage of the services of a wedding planner on specialized websites, to find ideas for activities and organize everything to the point.



Does the future bride need a costume?


Best friends having fun at karaoke Reims during the bachelorette activityBrides-to-be are often dressed up during their bachelorette parties (and rarely to their advantage). But dressing up is not at all a requirement. A nice personalized tee shirt can be enough. Especially if the bride-to-be is rather reserved and modest, it is wiser to choose a personalized outfit and some trendy but discreet accessories.

You can then choose a theme for your bachelorette party, which will serve as a red thread during all the festivities. Generally, the bride-to-be is highlighted with an outfit that is noticed, and the guests follow suit, with outfits that are less conspicuous than the star of the day.

From the personalized souvenir gift to the complete crazy outfit, the disguise of the bride-to-be and the bridal team allows to make beautiful pictures and to make the passers-by smile.



Choose the best activites for the bachelorette party


Among the original ideas to organize the bachelorette party of your friend, it is better to take into account her preferences. Then, there is no lack of trends to find the original idea, the SUPER activity:

  • The sports activity and thrills (canyoning, trekking, parachute ...) ;
  • A relaxation and beauty activity (massage, spa, relaxation session...);
  • Fun activities (treasure hunt, escape game...);
  • The evenings (karaoke night, show, night club, concert, musical...);
  • The moments of complicity (photo shooting, video clip, sleepover...);
  • Creative activities (cosmetic workshop, creative workshop, cooking workshop, wreath workshop...)


Organize a bachelorette party in Champagne


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Published on Wednesday 14 September 2022