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Original corporate event What if you organised a karaoke?

There is a wide range of corporate events, but their objectives are practically the same, whether for a product launch party or a seminar. Through these professional events, the company seeks to create a closer link with its employees, promote its brand image, attract new customers and convince new partners. 

However, to succeed in achieving these goals, it is imperative to prepare well in advance for a successful corporate event.


What is a corporate event?

an original company event in the MusikallThe success of a business depends mainly on the collective. In order for the various parties involved to become fully aware of this, the corporate event is organized on an ad hoc basis.

The latter gives employees the perfect opportunity to meet in a less formal setting in order to be more comfortable and develop closer ties.

This new interaction will have a positive impact on the bonds between colleagues: harmonious collaboration, better listening, sense of belonging... etc. It should be noted that it can come in different forms depending on its objective:
  • B2C: corporate event for individuals. It can be karaoke evenings, tasting workshop, karting, etc.
  • B2B: corporate event for professionals. These can be meetings, congresses, exhibitions, conferences and others.

Why organize a corporate event?

All corporate event ideas have a purpose, such as strengthening team cohesion, promoting a new product/service, motivating teams, thanking employees or simply creating a friendly atmosphere.

Notoriety event

It has a single objective: to make known the company and its services. Organized to attract prospects, partners or investors, it can take the form of an open day.

Promotional event

It is called promotional when it is intended for internal or external promotion. The objective is to promote the activity of the company.

Thank you event

In general, this type of event is intended for employees, to celebrate an important change that has positively impacted the company.


What is the best original corporate event?

karaoke for a corporate event

To strengthen team spirit, it is important to understand the talent of each member. Some corporate events can take original forms to help relax an electric atmosphere.

In general, these are activities that require either concentration work or organized teamwork.

Moreover, often, we end with a small evaluation to create this competitive side between the participants.

During this moment of escape and originality, employees will learn to take advantage of their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses.


An afterwork

activité de karaoké à reims organiser pour un afterwork original

At the moment, afterworks are a real success with companies. Ideal for expanding your network, an afterwork is an excellent opportunity to practice original and interesting extra-professional activities.

This practice originated in the United States and is beginning to spread in Europe, including France. During a small evening, everyone will be able to impress their colleagues with their hidden talents.

In the room of a laser game, in the theater or in a restaurant, relationships with colleagues will be transformed.

Nevertheless, for the beginnings of corporate evenings to be successful, the chosen theme must be the result of a collective idea.

A corporate evenT

Hosting a corporate party is a great way to celebrate or celebrate the launch of a new product. In this context, the company takes the opportunity to praise the merits of this product and the positive consequences it will have on its success.

Festive evening, gala or magic show, all means are good to thank the teams for the work provided.

Family Day

The main purpose of a company's open house, otherwise known as Family Day, is to value the work of employees in the eyes of their families. This is a great way to boost team motivation by showcasing the talents of each employee.

Easter, Christmas, musicals... Several themes and fun animation can be adapted for this type of event.


How to organize an original corporate event?


karaoke box, an original idea for a corporate eventTo stand out and achieve its goals, a company needs to come up with a good idea for an interesting event. And above all, that this good idea is an original idea that will mark the spirits.

To organize such an event, you need to go through several steps, starting with determining the target audience according to your interests (customers, suppliers, new employees, etc.).

Once your target is defined, you will move on to the next step which is: the type of event (conference, meeting, exhibition, animation ...). Then evaluate your cash flow to estimate your budget by taking a margin of error of about 10%.

Depending on the previous data, you will be able to choose the place and set the date (proceed immediately to the reservation to avoid last minute changes). Plan the corporate event and then promote yourself.



An original corporate event in a karaoke

Organise an exceptional corporate evening with fun musical entertainment

Do you want to organize an exceptional corporate evening entertainment? Without risk and leaving the thrills, why not consider a karaoke night?

Indeed, karaoke is often associated with evenings with friends, it allows you to relax around a fun musical animation.

Atmosphere and good mood are guaranteed, because the restraints of the first minutes never last long, and sometimes let out a few dance steps!

Moreover, it is one of the best ideas of animations to break the ice between the new and the old.

It is thus an efficient and fast means of integration that will certainly break down all barriers and strengthen relationships between team members.

For more fun, you can set up several teams (new vs. old, employees vs. managers...) and organize a small competition to motivate the participants.

Musikall teams will not hesitate to help you organize your event.


Musikall's services

create a highlight during your next team-building, product launch, seminar or afterwork at the musikallThe idea of a karaoke night tempts you? Do you want to create a highlight during your next team-building, product launch, seminar or afterwork?  Musikall offers its private boxes for an unforgettable experience:
  • Cancan : 12 people; 
  • Dolce Vita : 10 people; 
  • Tam Tam : 5 people; 
  • Park Avenue : 6 people; 
  • Panache : 6 people; 
  • Charleston : 8 people;
  • Pigalle : 15 people ;
  • Broadway : 20 people; 
  • Grand salon : 40 people;

After choosing the room, you can book your salty/sweet boards and drinks online to benefit from a discount.

Thus, regardless of your field of activity and the size of your event, Musikall meets your needs by offering you an offer adapted to each structure. Executives, managers, partners, employees or customers, take a microphone in hand and embark on a friendly moment with Musikall.




Which event to choose to make your company known?

To make your company known, it is recommended to organize, on an ad hoc basis, cultural, artistic and professional events. You can opt for a business seminar, a trade show, a trade fair or a convention. This will help you make an impression and meet a new category of customers, even new investors, partners and suppliers.

What is a corporate event?

A corporate  event is a  corporate event that is a basic tool of communication. It can have several different objectives and reflects the very image of the company. During a corporate event, customers, employees and partners can be present to present and validate the notoriety of the organization.

To boost your company's activity, certain measures must be applied: optimize cash management, make a general diagnosis of the current state, rethink its organization, adopt a new strategy, refine its business plan, optimize the social climate, not to mention the corporate event.

If you think that your budget does not allow you to organize a real corporate event, you can opt for a digital event. This new mode of communication has become increasingly successful in recent months.

How to make your company known for free?

Making your company known is an essential step to boost your business, expand your customer base and attract new partners. It is possible to do this for free by creating an ergonomic, intuitive, organized and optimized website. Social networks can also make you known locally, not to mention word-of-mouth.

What information do you need to know about a company?

To properly present your business and win new customers, communication is an essential step. However, it must be well prepared by addressing certain information, such as the What? the Who? the When? and the Why?

How to make yourself known in events?

Develop your intervention strategy before the event and rely on social networks and online publication tools (hashtags, paid ads, collaboration with local influencers ...). Also consider doing a live stream and opt for a Social Wall. The local press can also help you promote your event.

How to choose the theme of an event?

To choose the right theme for your event, you need to analyze your goal. The best would be to focus on a target audience (children, teenagers, gamers, entrepreneurs...). Otherwise, start by selecting a site and adapting a theme to it.

What are the most popular professional events?

A professional event is used to promote a company's brand image. Several events can be organized: team building, conference, product launch party, weekend challenge, trade show, open days, karaoke evening and many others.
Published on Tuesday 11 April 2023