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Things to do in Reims All the activities to never get bored

Are you planning to visit Reims and the Champagne region during your next vacation? Or you live in Reims and are looking for ideas to avoid getting bored? Here is a selection of things to do in Reims.


live sparkling experiences in reims


The city of Reims is located in the heart of the Marne region (51), and no one is unaware that it is in this region of France that the king of wines and wine of kings is produced: the world famous champagne. Take advantage of your visit to Reims to discover the world of champagne.

Visit A Champagne House


Visitez les caves des grandes maisons et les vignerons à ReimsThe city of Reims, also known as the "cité des sacres", is a choice destination for wine tourism and offers many attractions and activities around wine. Among the most popular outings for wine lovers, the cellars and champagne houses are the major asset of this city of the Grand-Est.

The great houses and the wine growers open their doors to you to discover all the secrets of sparkling wine: its manufacture, its storage, its tasting... You will then be able to discover the "crayères", these typical places of the region used for the conservation of champagne bottles. Installed in old chalk quarries, they take advantage of the constant temperature of 10°C all year round, to create champagne cellars with optimal conservation conditions.

The "crayères" cellars of Reims extend under the city, on nearly 250 km of underground galleries, and allow to store the champagnes of small producers, as well as big houses, such as Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart, Krug, Mumm, or the house Taittinger.


Participate to a champagne tasting


Organizing a visit to the champagne cellars is always very interesting, but lovers of small bubbles will be delighted to end this discovery with a wine tasting.

This is an opportunity to meet the winemakers and oenologists, to understand their work and become aware of their know-how.

We learn how to taste champagne and to decipher its characteristics, but the professionals also teach the techniques of conservation, the methods to refresh it, or the best food and wine pairing of Champagne.

From the smallest winery to the largest and most prestigious house with millions of bottles, visit the tasting cellars for an unforgettable oenological experience.



Visit Reims: The must-see outings

The city of kings is not limited to the manufacture of champagne, and the city abounds in sites to visit, of which here is a small selection.


The Notre-Dame de Reims cathedral


La cathédrale de Reims. Lieu emblématique de la villeIt is almost impossible to go to Reims without visiting the Notre-Dame Cathedral. It would be like going to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower.

A must-see activity, the visit of this historical monument emblematic of the city of Reims is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, but above all a testimony to the city's historical heritage.

Built in the 13th century, on the ruins of a cathedral destroyed by fire in 1210, the Notre-Dame de Reims cathedral, larger in size than the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, was the site of the coronations of the kings of France, and is thus a Unesco World Heritage Site.

While in Reims, you will be dazzled by the characteristics of this gothic style religious building:

  • These dimensions are out of the ordinary;
  • A facade divided into 3 parts;
  • A nave of 38 m high;
  • A gallery of kings with 56 statues of more than 4.5 m high;
  • More than 2300 statues, including the famous statue "Ange au sourire".
  • The beauty of the stained glass windows

Then take the time to climb the 249 steps of the north tower to reach the terrace and the roof, and enjoy an exceptional panorama of Reims and its historical monuments. You will also see from the top the Henri Deneux garden.


The palais du Tau


Le palais du Tau - Résidences d'archevêques de ReimsRight next to the Notre-Dame cathedral, the Palais du Tau is also part of the historical monuments listed as World Heritage by Unesco.

Former residence of the archbishops of Rheims, this building is now an exhibition space where you will find all the treasures of the cathedral of Reims, including many objects related to the coronations of the 25 kings of France.

Among the most precious items preserved from this monarchic period, we find :

  • The "Sainte Ampoule", used for every king's coronation since Clovis;
  • The talisman of Charlemagne ;
  • The chalice of Saint-Rémi ;
  • The coat of Charles X, worn during his coronation...

The Tau Palace also contains numerous tapestries, as well as statues from the cathedral.


The saint-remi basilica of reims



La basilique Saint-Remi Eglise la plus célèbre de ReimsThis Romanesque-Gothic basilica is one of the must-see places in Reims. It was built in the 11th century to house the "Sainte Ampoule" and the relics of Saint Remi, the bishop who baptized Clovis in 498.

This 126 meter long building was unfortunately almost completely destroyed during the First World War, but it has been rebuilt and still houses the tomb of Saint Remi.

Lovers of beautiful stones and the Romanesque-Gothic style will fall under the spell of this religious building, which is more intimate than the cathedral, but nevertheless magnificent.


The Saint-Remi Museum


Installé dans l'ancienne abbaye royale de Saint-Remi, écrin de la Sainte-Ampoule classé au patrimoine mondial de l'humanité par l'UNESCOA visit to the Basilica of Saint-Remi will probably lead you to learn more about this bishop who converted Clovis to Christianity.

Then go to the former royal abbey of Saint-Rémi, now a museum.

The third building in Reims to be listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, this museum with its dazzling architecture retranscribes the history of the city of Reims and the region, through numerous historical models and reconstructions, from Prehistory to the Renaissance.

The 17 exhibition rooms take you on a discovery of the city of Reims, but also of Saint-Rémi and the life of the monks who lived in the royal abbey.



Porte de Mars monumental Roman gate in Reims


La porte de Mars est un monument romain à Reims, datant du 3ème siècleOne of the most impressive Gallo-Roman relics, the Porte de Mars served as a triumphal arch. It was then part of a set of 4 monumental arches, which symbolized the 4 gates of the city of Reims, which was then called Durocortorum.

The Mars Gate is today the only intact gate of Reims, and its 30 meters long and 15 meters wide make it the largest recognized triumphal arch of the Roman era.

Don't just look at it from afar, get up close and admire the interior of the arches. You'll find lavish decorations, including a representation of the famous scene of the she-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome.



Walking in the historical center of reims


It is not necessary to visit every monument in Reims to discover the richness of its heritage and the beauty of its architecture. Just stroll through the streets of the historic center of Reims to become aware of the treasures of Reims. On the menu, history is revealed as you walk through the different eras, in the different places of the city that cannot be ignored:

La bibliothèque Carnegie, le cryptoportique, Zi Artistes au Port-Sec et le Manège de Reims


  • The Art Deco style of the Carnegie Library;
  • The Gallo-Roman style of the cryptoportico of the Place du Forum;
  • The street art frescoes of the Port Sec-La Husselle industrial zone;
  • The famous monuments, like the Opera, the Circus, the Manege...


The Champagne Park



Le grand Parc de Champagne à ReimsClose to the champagne houses, the Parc de Champagne is a haven of greenery in the heart of Reims.

Created by the Marquis Melchior de Polignac, the director of the Pommery house, this public park is today the largest park in Reims, and gathers more than 35,000 visitors each year. You will find a beautiful green space in the middle of nature, ideal for walks, but also playgrounds for children and sports facilities.

The Champagne Park is undoubtedly the ideal Sunday outing for the inhabitants of Reims, and a refreshing place to visit for tourists. As well as the Montagne de Reims Regional Nature Park which offers an exceptional walk through the vineyards.


The maison Fossier


La Maison Fossier avec son célèbre biscuit rose de ReimsIf the city of Reims is famous for its champagnes and its great vineyards, it is also known for a unique culinary specialty: the Biscuit Rose (the pink cookie).

A classic of Reims' gastronomy, this little sweet is a delight for the most gourmands. And among all the pastry makers who try to sublimate these pink cookies, the Fossier house is a reference.

You can then visit it, to discover all the secrets of manufacture of the pink cookie or to attend a course of pastry making.

You will learn that the custom is to first dip the pink cookie in a glass of champagne before tasting it. A good excuse to buy a good bottle in a champagne house


Thee planetarium of Reims


Le Planétarium. Etablissement de culture scientifique de ReimsLet's leave the ancestral traditions and the historical heritage of Reims, to turn to the stars. The planetarium of Reims (the second in France with that of Paris), was born in 1979 and was modernized in 2013.

It allows then the most curious to pierce the mysteries of the solar system and the Milky Way, and to approach the stars through various experiments and observations.

For adults and children, the organized sessions approach astronomy in a playful and educational way. You can also discover the astronomical clock made by the pharmacist Jean Legros.
Of course, the visits do not stop there, and Reims opens many other doors on many other points of interest. Discover the complete list at the Greater Reims Tourist Office: the reims champagne car museum, the Fine Arts museum, the museum of the surrender, the Villa Demoiselle, the Foujita chapel...


Have fun and chill in Reims


After a cultural activity in Reims, there is nothing better than to live a moment of fun and relaxation. Fortunately, the city of Reims offers you the best activities to enjoy alone, with friends, or with your family.

During the day, organize your schedule according to your desires and the leisure activities near your hotel: ice rink, swimming pool, spa and relaxation, or group games (laser game, escape game...). In the evening, the cinema and the restaurants on Place d'Erlon are an opportunity to have a good time in Reims.

Adults can also enjoy the slot machines and gaming tables of one of the casinos near Reims, unless you prefer to experience a party night at the cabaret of Reims, an entry in an event complex like the Atrium Club, or in a karaoke bar.


Live an unforgettable moment at musikall, your karaoke in Reims

What could be more fun than a karaoke with friends? Musikall opens its doors to you at 19 rue de Thillois, in Reims, for a moment of sharing.

Let go and have fun singing!

Karaoke is definitely an excellent musical activity to let go, relax and have fun without any complex. Come to one of our 8 private karaoke rooms to sing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs in a chic and trendy art-deco inspired setting.

Accommodating up to 20 people, the karaoke booths are fully equipped and soundproofed, allowing you to let loose without constraint, and have a great time.
Le karaoké est sans conteste une excellente activité musicale pour lâcher prise

From Harry Styles to Céline Dion, from Barbra Streisand to Queen, you're bound to find what you're looking for among the 48,000 french and international songs at your disposal. So sit down, select your song on the touch pad, take the microphones, and let's go!

Karaoke rooms that put you in the mood!

Musikall invites you to live karaoke as a real immersive musical experience, through 8 karaoke rooms with different atmospheres. Depending on the number of participants, experience karaoke in a unique atmosphere of sound and light, in various themes:
  • The box Cancan, up to jusqu'à 12 people;
  • The box Dolce Vita, up to 10 people;
  • The box Tam-Tam, for a karaoke in small group, up to 5 people;
  • The box Panache, up to 6 people;
  • The box Park Avenue, up to 6 people;
  • The box Charleston, up to 8 people ;
  • The box Pigalle, up to 15 people;
  • The box Broadway, up to 20 people.
And for very large groups, the large lounge with stage can accommodate up to 40 people and perform like a real star!

For your comfort and to make sure you don't miss anything of your unforgettable evening, you can order at the bar and in the kitchen everything you want, from the touch pad.

Think of Musikall for all your events

Karaoke is not only a good time to spend with friends on a Saturday night, it is also an opportunity to live important events of your life, to make it an unforgettable moment!
Vivez des événements EVJF, EVG, anniversaire, team building à Reims
  • Get together for a Bachelorette or a Bachelor party in Reims that will leave a lasting impression. After a champagne tasting or a visit of Reims, Musikall invites you to finish the evening singing, by reserving a box for 2, 3 or 4 hours of madness! Take advantage of this moment to share your favorite songs with nostalgia, and sing until the end of the night!
  • A birthday party: gather all your friends and family around the microphone, for an original birthday party in the heart of Reims. Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm, sing and laugh without worrying about anything!
  • A birthday party for children in Reims: Musikall Kids is the most fun activity for a birthday party with friends! From 8 to 16 years old, celebrate your birthday during a Saturday afternoon of singing and dancing. The formula includes unlimited non-alcoholic drinks and the traditional birthday cake with its sweets!
  • Karaoke for professionals: for a successful team building or seminar, why not gather your colleagues and collaborators around microphones? This is an opportunity to relax the atmosphere, work on group cohesion and get to know each other outside of work in a fun atmosphere!
You are now ready to create your itinerary to discover Reims and have fun, thanks to all our advices! You can now organize your next days in Reims, without forgetting to book your karaoke box at Musikall!
Published on Sunday 21 August 2022