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Where to celebrate your birthday? Rendez-vous at the best party venue in Reims

Whether you are 10 or 60, your birthday is always a special day. Many people want to celebrate it by organising a festive event with their loved ones. But the question of where to hold the event soon arises. It's not always easy to host a lot of people at the same time and to find an activity that everyone can enjoy. We have therefore listed for you the advantages of good places to celebrate a birthday.

4 reasons to celbrate your birhtday

There is always someone around who does not see the point of celebrating another year. However, although many people consider it to be a morning like any other, it is customary to celebrate this event in due form, for several reasons.


Group of friends celebrating a birthday in song in a private karaoke room in ReimsTo follow the tradition

Birthday celebrations have existed since ancient times. Initially, the birthday of the coronation day of the pharaohs was celebrated, but today it is the day of birth that is celebrated every year. As a small, individual and unchanging ritual, birthdays can also be about important dates, such as marriage..


To be aware of the passing of time

Like the first of January, a birthday is an opportunity to take stock of the past year. This is even more true when we celebrate a decade (20 years, 30 years, 40 years...), where a sort of transition is made. We then become more aware of the time that has passed, of the objectives achieved or not, and to take stock of what we want for the future.


Where to celebrate your birthday? At MusikallStop being afraid of ageing

For some people, birthday cycles are a dread. Growing old generates a great fear, or at least a certain nostalgia. Celebrating with unusual ideas is therefore an excellent way of warding off this little blues, and giving a festive meaning to this obligatory passage.


Create an unforgettable time and have fun

Sometimes there is no need to look for too much of an explanation for celebrating a birthday party. Many people simply see it as an opportunity to have fun. After the age of the birthday party, whether it is :
  • around a good table,
  • at a dance party,
  • during a fun activity,
  • or a sporting activity
Laughter and good humour are the order of the day, and do all the guests good.

Why have an outdoor birthday party?

Hosting a homemade birthday party may seem like the most practical and economical solution. However, on closer inspection, it quickly becomes apparent that there are more fun birthday ideas at an outdoor venue. We've come up with 4 good reasons not to have your birthday party at home.


Group of friends looking for a place to celebrate a birthday in ReimsNo birthday decorations to prepare

Once the party is over, everything will have to be tidied up to make your living space pleasant again. And after a festive, even drunken evening, it's hard to get going! Outside, you don't have to worry about cleaning, washing up or tidying up, and you can enjoy the day after the party to relax.


No cleaning up after the party

Once the party is over, everything has to be tidied up to make your living space pleasant again. And after a festive evening, even a drunken one, it is difficult to get started! Outside, you don't have to worry about cleaning, washing up or tidying up, and you can enjoy the day after the party to relax.


Friends who keep their birthday budget under control by coming to the MusikallNo cooking or buffet to prepare

Unless you're doing a birthday blitz, your guests will quickly want to snack or even have lunch or dinner. At home, you will have to cook, plan a buffet, or call in a caterer. Outside, you don't have to prepare anything, you just have to enjoy!


Perfect budget control

Depending on the location of the party, professionals often offer birthday packages that include everything (meal, drinks, appetizers, etc.) and are attractively priced. This is a simple and practical way to avoid any unpleasant surprises and to keep your birthday budget under control.


Our top addresses for celebrating a birthday in Reims

Among the ideas for a birthday party, there are all sorts of atmospheres, from playful to sporty to creative. The choice depends mainly on the age of the person and their personality. For a warm atmosphere, have you ever thought of celebrating a birthday in a karaoke bar?


The advantages of celebrating your birthday in a karaoke bar

Today, many places are breaking away from the image of the impersonal ghost corner where you have to decorate yourself with coloured streamers. Many offer a real party atmosphere, with music and good humour guaranteed! Better than a party room, which must be reserved, arranged or even tidied up, the karaoke can be privatised to become your party venue. You can then enjoy a wide choice of drinks, a musical atmosphere and sometimes even a few delicacies to nibble on, without any other constraints.

As for the price, if the price of the cocktail can quickly make the bill rise, the birthday formula will seduce you with its attractive price advantages.


An exceptional place to hold a birthday partyRent an unusual place for a memorable moment: the private karaoke

The perfect formula: private karaoke. In a soundproof box, you'll find everything you need to spend an unforgettable evening: microphone, big screen, comfortable armchairs and an endless playlist!

The karaoke bar has the advantage of pleasing everyone, and can be adapted to young and old alike, to enjoy a birthday party with family or friends, while keeping the budget under control thanks to the affordable birthday packages.

It's always fun to sing alongside the people you love. And if taking the microphone and standing in the spotlight is not your thing, there will always be a singer who can set the mood on the dance floor and make your evening a great one!


Musikall in Reims, the perfect place to organise a birthday partyMusikall: privatize a karaoke bar for an original birthday party in Reims

At Musikall, atmosphere guaranteed from your first steps in one of our 8 private karaoke rooms. Let yourself be carried away by the friendly atmosphere and gather around the microphone to celebrate a birthday in music.

Musikall offers you an innovative concept allowing you to participate in a musical activity from a very young age, and to enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the rooms, choosing your drinks, your songs and your finger food boards from the touch pad. 

All you have to think about is having fun and singing your favourite songs, surrounded by the people you love! Book a session on the week of your choice now.

You like to celebrate your birthday, and this year you want to mark the occasion? Come to Musikall for an unforgettable karaoke evening that will keep you singing until the end of the night.
Published on Monday 17 October 2022