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Musikall Bar Karaoké Box
19 Rue de Thillois - Reims
Musikall Bar Karaoké Box

Where to party in Reims: eat, drink and sing! Many and varied possibilities

Parties are a natural part of the social and cultural life of the city of Reims. Whether it is for special occasions or simply to spend a lively Saturday night with friends, there are many and varied possibilities for partying in Reims. However, in this article, we propose you to explore an original activity. It will allow you to party safely with possibilities of catering, drinking and music for all tastes. Organize a convivial moment: a Musikall session.

Security: private rooms to party in privacy

Party in Reims? Yes, at the Musikall, everything is done to make it an unforgettable experienceBy opting for a karaoke room, you will be able to control the number of guests and thus avoid any risk of overflow. Safety is an essential condition for a successful party.

So, to avoid crowds and dangerous situations, choose establishments offering private rooms like Musikall.

In the heart of downtown Reims, in the Place d'Erlon district, this place is arranged in such a way as to offer you total privacy in the company of your family and friends. 

Booking a karaoke room is an excellent solution for :
The 8-room facility has the advantage of giving you the choice to control the number of people attending. In addition, you can vary the pleasures and customize the setting, food and beverages to suit the specific needs of your group. Whether you are planning a business or personal event, weekday afterwork or evening event, get a turnkey organization.

A private room also gives you the flexibility to choose the musical atmosphere of the evening yourself. No matter what your song preferences are (rock, hip-hop or French variety), you can choose the one you like.

All-in-one party: eating, drinking and singing in one place

private rooms to party in privacyOne of the advantages of a party in a turnkey establishment is the convenience. This venue is equipped to provide you with everything you need for a successful evening in one place.

Our karaoke bar provides catering, a nice drink menu and a list of over 60,000 songs so you can eat, drink and sing in one place.

You can customize some of the dishes to your preferences and order your drinks by the bottle or glass. Find a warmer atmosphere than at the Stade de Reims, a catering offer concocted and served faster than a cooking workshop, and a karaoke use much easier than a digital workshop.

All this to say that by booking at Musikall, you don't need to worry too much about the organization of your party in Reims. Once you are there, if you feel a little hungry, you will inevitably find a small dish to fill you up. No need to plan a restaurant in Reims before or after. Musikall Reims adapts to the different groups and proposes copious and affordable menus for all budgets.

Discovery of the Karaoke Box Bar for a multi-generational party

For a birthday party, a bachelor or bachelorette party or just to be in a good mood with friendsIf you are looking for a place to party in Reims, you must make sure of one thing: that the music can correspond to the greatest number.

Indeed, whether it is for a birthday party, a bachelorette party or just to be in a good mood with friends, you must absolutely find an establishment that offers a wide variety of music that satisfies everyone, all generations included.

Just as complicated as choosing a board game, the playlist quickly becomes a headache. At Musikall, even on a karaoke initiation session, it is "easy" to satisfy all ages.

The 80's or 90's will make everyone agree. The hit songs of these decades are very popular and offer the possibility to share a good time with family or friends. However, you should not neglect more recent songs that also have their fans. Places that offer a varied playlist and allow all guests to choose their favorite songs can be a great solution.
Karaoke parties are often an opportunity to participate in music from different eras that suit everyone's taste. So get out your agenda, and book now this turnkey activity and guarantee yourself a pleasant moment and a good party in Reims.
Published on Wednesday 01 March 2023