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Musikall Bar Karaoké Box

Afterwork, organize a karaoke night with your colleagues To weld the collaborators and reinforce the team spirit

The workplace is often a meeting place, where employees can discover affinities. So to nourish this complicity, many people end their working day in a bar or a pub. The afterwork then takes more or less playful forms, and the karaoke night is one of the most appreciated outings. Discover where to organize your karaoke night for an afterwork with colleagues.


Unite employees and strengthen team spirit during an afterwork in ReimsWeld a team with an afterwork karaoke

If a fun activity is often organized by close colleagues, it can also be the occasion of a company party, to weld the collaborators and reinforce the team spirit. The karaoke animation is then the ideal to gather for a pleasant moment that will please the greatest number.

Indeed, singing all together is undoubtedly the best way to satisfy everyone, and help them to let go. Some will enjoy taking the microphone and singing Celine Dion at the top of their lungs. Others will love to listen to others with good humor. There is something for everyone!



Musical entertainment: the advantages of karaoke between employees

The afterworks in private evening around a karaoke are very widespread in Asia, and we quickly understand why this corporate event seduces so much. Indeed, the karaoke parties between collaborators, whether they are more or less formal, have many advantages:
  • Everyone quickly feels at ease in this musical atmosphere, where singing out of tune becomes an asset to break the ice and have fun;
  • Karaoke allows you to sing alone, in duet or in group on all styles of music;
  • Taking the microphone can help the most shy, and allows to discover the employees and the hierarchy under another light;
  • It is possible to establish a small climate of competition very interesting for the managers with challenging musical animations...


How to organize an afterwork karaoke party?

An afterwork has the advantage of being less formal than a company party. But it still requires some organization to ensure a great evening in a good atmosphere.


Limit the number of participating employees

A karaoke animation is not very pleasant when there are too many people. Not everyone will be able to take the microphone and express their singing talents, and inevitably small groups will form. It is therefore advisable to limit the number of participants. At Musikall, we offer private boxes from 5 to 20 people and a wide lounge and stage up to 40 people.


Choose an original party place

The afterwork karaoke party takes you completely out of the office environment. An animation that allows everyone to live a friendly moment, without hierarchical constraints. We therefore strongly recommend choosing a place that completely changes the decor. Musikall provides you with private karaoke rooms decorated with chic art deco theme, and each offering a different party atmosphere.


Involve everyone in the organization

Maintain that spirit of sharing after work. Musikall is the perfect place for a perfect afterwork.The afterwork is a moment of sharing that allows to spend an evening in a festive atmosphere. But the sharing starts from the organization, and so that everyone feels involved, and that nobody finds himself managing everything alone, each participant must invest in the project. Whether it is in the choice of the date, the selection of the place, or the theme of the evening, everyone puts his or her hand to the task.

Once in the karaoke room, it is a question of maintaining this spirit of sharing by deciding together on the playlist, but also on the drinks.

At Musikall, you can enhance your singing evening with drinks and a cocktail party, not to say a dinner. Plates and fingerfood dishes to be shared between collaborators provide a nice catering menu to settle the stomachs.


Don't stop there!

You will quickly notice that the afterwork is a convivial moment that will meet a great success with the different colleagues. So why not get into the habit of getting together regularly? After having organized your first karaoke evening between colleagues, don't stop there and plan to meet once a month, or more or less, depending on your availability.

This is a very constructive habit for the team, which can release tensions, avoid conflicts, strengthen the team, and above all, have fun and let go for a night.


Organize your afterwork with colleagues at musikall

At the Musikall, discover a relaxed atmosphere that will allow you to breathe in songIt's decided, you want to discover your colleagues in a diversified atmosphere, elsewhere than around the coffee machine?

Let's meet in Reims, at Musikall!

Come and live an original afterwork for a few hours, or until the end of the night. You will be able to settle in a private karaoke room. Installed with a very good sound system, sing your favorite songs, surrounded by your colleagues. Crazy atmosphere guaranteed!

All you have to do is order your drinks and snacks from the room's touch screen. You're ready for an unforgettable musical afterwork event!


The afterwork is a more casual and less formal business event than team building. It's the type of corporate event that allows you to bring your team together in a casual way, just by organizing a fun evening. Come to Musikall to experience a corporate karaoke afterwork that you won't soon forget!
Published on Tuesday 07 February 2023