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What is team building? Definition, budget & ideas for activities in Reims

In France, team building has been known in the business world for several years now. It is a concept that originated in the United States in the 1970s. It is designed to strengthen the links between employees and to work on team cohesion during company seminars. This time of sharing around a collective activity is based on good humour and sharing. Find out what team building is and how to organise it.

Organize a teambuilding in Reims to unite your teamsWhat is corporate team building?

Team building is an anglicism that can be translated as "team building". This term speaks for itself, and highlights the primary goal of team building, which is to strengthen team cohesion within a department or company.

This meeting, proposed by human resources, is then organised around playful activities that appeal to the team spirit, such as a treasure hunt, creative workshops, sports activities, etc.


Why organise a team building event?

The HR department or the manager(s) of the company's departments may decide to set up a team building event for various reasons, either on a one-off basis or on a more regular and ritualised basis. Project managers take action according to the context:
  • To improve the feeling of belonging among employees, and thus limit absenteeism and turnover;
  • To improve internal relations and communication, thus limiting tensions;
  • To integrate new employees and get to know each other;
  • To revive the motivation of each person, to resume personal and professional development and to create a friendly working environment...
Thus, the aim of a team building event is not simply recreational, and each activity, challenge or event is designed to encourage consideration for others and mutual support.


What are the right occasions to organise a team building event?

These employees have a great time together at the Ginza Boule in Musikall ReimsTeam building is part of the corporate culture. It is a company event that often accompanies a company seminar or a company party. It is expected by the employees.

In this case, the aim is to create a convivial moment to work on team building through activities that evolve each year according to the trends often recommended by event experts.

Team building can also be used as a management tool when teams are experiencing difficulties. Organised on a one-off basis, the event can help to resolve a conflict and ease tensions in a professional setting. Or it can boost the motivation, investment and productivity of teams in a crisis context.


Who are the participants of a team building?

The participants of a team building event are employees of the same company. While small companies usually invite all their staff, large companies tend to organise one event per department. Sometimes there are very large gatherings of all the employees and collaborators of a large company.


Team building activities and incentive activities: what is the difference?

One might think that the concepts of team building and incentive are one and the same thing. They consist of bringing teams together around various activities and then rewarding the performance of the teams. In form, we can identify common objectives. In essence, the objective of these two events is different.

If team building activity aims to create links, good cohesion and improve team building to achieve new objectives, a new company project. The incentive aims rather at rewarding the performance of teams following a group effort or good results.

How to organise a team building event?

A team meeting is often a good idea and a lot of fun, but the main objective should not be forgotten: to strengthen ties and motivate the troops. It is therefore necessary to anticipate the good organisation of the event and the quality of the choice of activities proposed, whatever the number of participants.


Choosing the right time for team building

There is no ideal date for organising a team building event. Several solutions are available to managers depending on the framework of the activities chosen and the objectives to be achieved. It will be a collective decision:
  • In the spring, to give a boost before everyone goes on holiday, while taking advantage of the good weather;
  • In September, to get together after the holidays and get off to a good start, while still enjoying the good weather;
  • At the end of the year, to combat the gloomy days of winter, and to restore the team's morale and motivation, in order to achieve the end-of-year objectives;
  • At the beginning of the year, to start again on a good footing, to congratulate oneself for the past year, and to set new objectives.

What is the budget for a team building event?

The budget for a team building event depends on many criteria:
  • The number of participants and the size of the company;
  • The activities chosen;
  • The location;
  • The duration of the team building (some last only half a day, while others can last several days);
  • The way the event is organised (some organise everything themselves, while others use an event agency).
So, here is a rough idea of a realistic budget:
  • 30 to 50 € per person for a fun activity at the workplace or nearby (escape game, Olympics...),
  • 50 to 100 € per person for artistic or cultural activities, or for a group creative workshop,
  • and from €100 to €150 per person for a longer or more luxurious event (wine tasting, starred restaurant...).

Ideas for activities for a successful meeting between professionals

A team building event is built around one or more activities, selected from a tailor-made quote that takes into account the budget, the number of participants, the company culture and the different personalities. The field of possibilities is then very vast, as is the catalogue of trendy activities:
  • Sports activities (football tournament, via ferrata, tree climbing, etc.);
  • Fun activities (Olympiads, treasure hunts, bubble football, laser games, karaoke, etc.)
  • Mechanical sports (karting, quad, rallies...);
  • Virtual activities (escape game, ski descent simulator...);
  • Creative workshops - ecological activities (craft making - perfume creation...).
  • Cultural activities (tasting workshop, sightseeing tour, insect tasting...);
There are no best ideas. It all depends on the organisational objectives, the creativity of the participants, the performance of the teams...

Musical team building: the Musikall karaoke

What could be better than a song to bring together and unite your teams?If there is one thing that unites people, it is music! Musikall offers a team building activity in an unusual setting that strengthens bonds, while ensuring joyful moments: karaoke, the full indoor entertainment.

Meet in one of our private rooms of our karaoke bar, and unite your voices on the greatest hits of yesterday and today. Then sing together, or for the spirit of competition, do a battle to discover your colleagues as you have never seen them before.

Choose your favourite songs, drinks and finger food boards on the touchscreen and spend a few hours of total disconnection singing along without reservation.

Musikall will provide you with a tailor-made quotation and a turnkey seminar organisation.
Team building is a company event that is often very popular with employees. They look forward to this key moment to refuel their motivation and discover new colleagues in a different social climate. Book now your karaoke room at Musikall, and offer your teams a memorable team building.

Published on Friday 20 January 2023