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Games to host a company event: which activity to choose?

Organizing a company party can be a challenge, because it is important to find entertainment ideas that entertain and bring together all the participants during the company cocktail. Games are an excellent option for hosting company events, because they allow you to create a relaxed and good-humoured atmosphere, to create moments of pleasure by consolidating the existing links within your team. However, which animation game to choose for a professional event? In this article, we will explore the best games to host a company party.


Corporate event entertainment: 8 fun ideas for your event

Musikall organizes your games and company evening eventsIf you organize corporate events, it is important to ensure that the guests have an unforgettable time. To do this, it is essential to plan activities and entertainment that correspond to your objectives.

A themed event with original entertainment to create a unique experience: each entertainment idea adds punch to your event.

For example, musical entertainment adds a touch of dynamism and conviviality to your event around music, while an original entertainment idea surprises and impresses your guests.

Organizing event entertainment takes a lot of work, but the results are worth it if you can create an unforgettable event for your guests. Discover here 8 ideal event activities to create an exceptional moment for your guests.



The PhotoKube for a fun experience

The PhotoKube is a great choice for hosting a corporate party, as it provides a fun and interactive experience for guests. This activity that creates unique and memorable memories by taking photos and videos, which can be shared on social media or kept as a keepsake.

The PhotoKube also offers great flexibility when it comes to customization, since you can add props and backdrops that match your theme or brand. Finally, PhotoKube is easy to use and does not require any special technical skills.


The photocall: an ideal photographic animation to liven up an event

A photocall and a photographer are also an excellent idea to liven up this type of event. Entrusting the creation of a photocall to professionals guarantees you to obtain astonishing and unique results, thus ensuring the success of the photo animation. The photocall is a space specially designed for taking photos with a personalized background or a wall of flowers, for example.

This will create an original and creative shooting space, which will add a touch of sophistication and glamor to your corporate event. In addition, the presence of a professional photographer will give added value to capture memories of the highlights of your event and to capture the smiles and emotions of your guests in a natural way.

Are you looking for original ideas to liven up your corporate event? But your budget is limited? Why not opt for a photobooth? It's a simple, fun and inexpensive activity that will give your colleagues the opportunity to keep a memory of the good event they had, while continuing to have fun.

The photobooth is a simple and fun entertainment idea for limited budgets during corporate events. This activity consists of setting up a photo corner with a personalized background. To provide accessories and disguises to guests who will take photos of themselves in a fun and non-professional way. Photos can be printed instantly to give guests the ability to leave with an immediate memory of the event.


The question box, an interactive and fun game

The Question Box is an interactive game perfect for hosting a company event. Here are some reasons why you should add it to your animation program:

• the question box offers a fun and interactive experience that can involve all guests, regardless of their age or level of knowledge;
• this game stimulates creativity and spontaneity by asking unexpected and surprising questions;
• it's an excellent way to break the ice and encourage discussion between guests who don't necessarily know each other;
• the Question Box adapts to your theme or brand, choosing questions that reflect your company's values or history.
The game is personalized according to the guests, by proposing questions specific to certain professions or centers of interest.


Arcade games for a retro and nostalgic experience

Arcade games can also be a great idea for ideal entertainment. They offer a retro and nostalgic experience that recalls memories of childhood and youth, and create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The varied arcade game themes will appeal to all ages and skill levels, offering simpler games for beginners and more complex games for the more experienced.


A hypnosis show, an original and entertaining idea

A hypnosis show is a more than original idea, even risky but so entertaining for a real moment of entertainment. This is one of the participatory activities to consider for several reasons:

• it represents a unique experience and captures the attention of your audience;
• create a tailor-made show for your company and your guests;
• it is suitable for different types of events, whether a gala event, a cocktail or a seminar;
• this promotes exchange and conviviality between guests, who can share their impressions and experiences during and after the show.


A blind test: the essential touch of musical ambiance

The blind test is a fun and interactive activity that adds a touch of dynamism to your company event. This activity consists of listening to musical excerpts and guessing the title of the song or the name of the artist.

It can be organized by team, individually or in collaborative mode. The blind test adapts to the theme of the event, depending on the tastes and musical preferences of your audience, which is an advantage for personalizing the activity according to your event.

It also represents an ideal activity to promote interaction and conviviality between guests, who have fun guessing the titles of songs and exchanging their impressions and musical memories.


Trivia games, return to childhood...

Reproducing the Time's up game is a very interesting group activity. It is a party game playable by 4 to 12 players. The aim of the game is to make your teammates guess personalities. The game is played in 3 rounds, each team has 30 seconds to find as many celebrities as possible.

This game contains 40 names (proposed by the participants on papers) to distribute and a timer. The first player to start the game is the speaker and his role is to guess the name of the personality in question. This is a fun activity that strengthens bonds between colleagues, because it allows them to come together to win together.

Guessing games strengthen spirit and team cohesion; they are also a fun activity that creates a challenging but friendly atmosphere.

In conclusion, it must be said that there is a wide variety of games suitable for different situations, such as group games, role-playing games, board games or puzzle games. It is therefore recommended to choose a game that matches the desired atmosphere and team preferences. Our Musikall sales team, whose skills are equivalent to an events agency, supports you in organizing each game to host a corporate event.
Published on Monday 07 August 2023