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Musikall Bar Karaoké Box
19 Rue de Thillois - Reims
Musikall Bar Karaoké Box

Why think of karaoke for a Team building activity in Reims?

The most unifying activity in Champagne!

Musikall: The perfect place to strengthen the cohesion of your teams

Karaoke at Musikall, one of the best team building ideas to do in ReimsThis is one of the best ideas for team building activities in Reims! A karaoke evening with work colleagues or sports teammates in one of the 8 private rooms of Musikall Bar Karaoke Box in the heart of Champagne!

Nothing is more unifying than singing in a group while sharing a space dedicated to your teams. All the equipment and ingredients are brought together for an extraordinary moment of conviviality and unity.

It is always complicated to choose the ideal activity to organize a team building. The same goes for finding an innovative activity that fits into a multi-day seminar programme. Thanks to karaoke in private rooms, you are sure to hit the nail on the head and offer your teams this convivial moment that will leave its mark on the memory of all participating employees!

In a battle or in a group, solo, in a duo, in a trio, all in chorus, unity and cohesion are created naturally and efficiently around a very large catalogue of 48,000 karaoke titles. Everyone will find something to their liking, both in French and international songs.

Laughter guaranteed, relaxation, letting go, discovery of common musical tastes, vocal competition in a good mood. In general, the virtues of karaoke and music on the participants of corporate events are numerous!

Thanks to our private rooms and the superb warm and cosy atmosphere of Musikall, the restraint quickly falls! This is the goal of any team-building or team-building activity.

You will even be surprised to discover that employees who are not initially seduced by the choice of karaoke activity will surely be the ones who will not let go of the microphones once the session has started. Karaoke is the ideal "ice breaker" activity! The good, relaxed atmosphere generated will quickly warm up the sometimes cold atmosphere of a company party! It's guaranteed!

Karaoke for all companies and for everyone

Singing is fun for everyone, even those who haven't yet discovered their talent!


The most universal team-building activity!

Managers, executives, employees with a microphone in hand this is the ideal activity to create a mix and a moment of convivialityWhatever the field of activity of your company, whatever its size and the profile of the employees, karaoke is universally suitable for all structures.

anagers, executives, employees: a microphone in hand breaks the ice, creates diversity and a moment of conviviality for all! Former employees? New employees? Trainees?

Karaoke also promises to be an excellent means of integration and breaks down barriers.

The common memories that will remain with everyone after this activity ensure lasting team spirit and conviviality.

Use this original activity in your strategy

Create a great atmosphere among colleagues with numerous games and challenges at the Musikall Bar Karaoke in ReimsSet up several interdepartmental karaoke teams for example! Prepare battle playlists or thematic challenges between the teams, or create duos by drawing lots: the possibilities for organising this unusual and fun activity are extremely numerous.

We can, of course, help you set them up. You can also simply let the superb atmosphere created in our rooms and the magic of the karaoke activity work on the team!

Only the capacity of the room will define the limit of your team building activity at Musikall. From 2 to 120 people, we can meet all requests.

Musikall, an original venue also designed to welcome professionals

Our team-building offer is turnkey

Setting up a team-building event at Musikall couldn't be simpler: just book! Room, activity, hospitality: we take care of everything.

Our 8 private rooms are fully equipped and await you after your company seminar for a leisure and team-building activity. The largest of our rooms can accommodate 20 people simultaneously. The total capacity of our rooms makes it possible to create several groups in different rooms. Together with the capacity of our lounge area, you can bring up to 120 people together in the Musikall for a team-building activity.

Lâcher prise avec ses collègues de bureau lors d'un karaoké endiablé à ReimsFor smaller groups, you can book directly online! Our booking system will allow you to choose your slot according to the availability of the rooms and to add all the drinks and food to share to feed the group! All this while benefiting from a reduced rate, both on room hire and on drinks and food.

For groups of more than 20 people, to hire more than one room or to have us open outside of our usual days and times, contact us!

We have a seminar and event agency service. Our B-to-B manager will guide you in the organisation of your professional event and will help you create your team building workshop in Reims. We have created "all-inclusive" offers with the necessary drinks and catering alongside the karaoke entertainment.

Musikall is part of the Obomo group which manages several venues in Reims which can be combined for an all-inclusive seminar and team building offer. We can even integrate accommodation thanks to our hotel partners in Reims. You are relieved of the organisation of your event and benefit from a single point of contact without having to use an expensive intermediary agency.