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Musikall Bar Karaoké Box
19 Rue de Thillois - Reims
Musikall Bar Karaoké Box

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What is team building? Definition, budget & ideas for activities in Reims

In France, team building has been known in the business world for several years now. It is a concept that originated in the United States in the 1970s. It is designed to strengthen the links between employees and to work on team cohesion during company seminars. This time of sharing around a collective activity is based on good humour and ...
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Organise a bachelor party in Reims 4 reasons to book in Reims rather than Paris

Before putting the ring on their finger, it is traditional for the bride and groom to enjoy their single life one last time. The hen party and stag party should be memorable before the big day. It is up to the witnesses, siblings or best friends to organise this festive event. So, if you have to prepare a friend's ...
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Where to celebrate your birthday? Rendez-vous at the best party venue in Reims

Whether you are 10 or 60, your birthday is always a special day. Many people want to celebrate it by organising a festive event with their loved ones. But the question of where to hold the event soon arises. It's not always easy to host a lot of people at the same time and to find an activity that ...
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Organize a bachelorette party in Reims All you need to know

Among the most important and emotional moments in the life of a bride-to-be, the bachelorette party is an opportunity to celebrate the last moments as a single woman. But for this moment to be unforgettable and to create beautiful memories, it is essential to personalize it according to the tastes and the character of the future bride. Discover ...
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Things to do in Reims All the activities to never get bored

Are you planning to visit Reims and the Champagne region on your next holiday? Or do you live in Reims and are looking for ideas on how to avoid getting bored? Here is a selection of things to do in Reims.   live sparkling experiences in reims   Are you planning to visit Reims and the Champagne region on your ...
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