Musikall Bar Karaoké Box - 19 Rue de Thillois - Reims - 03 52 74 06 51
Musikall Bar Karaoké Box
19 Rue de Thillois - Reims
Musikall Bar Karaoké Box

Do you have a question? Please check out our FAQ below

Musikall is brand new in Reims. Maybe you have a question about how it works?
Check out our frequently asked questions and you will certainly find your answer.

If you do not find a proper answer, do not hesitate to contact us.
To sing on the weekend, it is essential to book on the Musikall website because it is extremely rare that slots remain free on site! During the week there is logically a little more availability but book online! Even if by chance your karaoke session starts for example 15 minutes after your reservation. To have a drink at the bar, you don't need to make a reservation.
Prices are not calculated per person. If you are less numerous, the price will remain the same, you will have more space and more singing time each! If there are more of you, there, we will maybe have a problem: maximum capacity of our boxes indicated on the site must be respected for security standards.
Our bar area will welcome you with pleasure before or after your karaoke session.
Our bar area is fully equipped for amateur and professional singers. However, to sing in this space it is necessary to have reserved. Our bar is above all a space to precede and extend your karaoke session.
Yes! In your box or at the bar! Our menu allows you to snack or see much more. Find it out when making your reservation online or by clicking here. Everything is cooked on site by our Chef.
Minors (-18) must imperatively be accompanied by a parent or a person invested with parental authority to enter Musikall, rent a karaoke box, and consume drinks exclusively without alcohol under the parent's control. The bar area is prohibited for minors. An identity document is requested on your arrival and kept during your session.
Excepting for special requests or reservations made by companies, booking is online exclusively! Regarding payments it is the same principle: as the karaoke sessions start every 10 minutes, we cannot take the time to cash you on your arrival and therefore ask you to pay online. A deposit may suffice, or if you pay the full amount in advance, a reduction will be automatically applied to you!
Rentals are invoiced according to the time spent depending on the day, time and size of the box. The price per person is given to you as an indication but this is not our method of calculation. Of course, some slots are more in demand than others and are more expensive, and vice versa, such as high and low seasons for holidays!
Any request for cancellation or postponement must be made by email or telephone. Our general conditions of sale offer the possibility of canceling any session scheduled for more than a week, postponing any scheduled session less than a week, and it is no longer possible to postpone or cancel a session unless 48 hours from its start.
It is quite possible to organize a children's party at Musikall but only on Saturday afternoon between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. We offer a special all-inclusive formula. Information and reservations for our Musikall Kids formula can be done by email on or via the contact form on the website.
Yes ! Our establishment is equiped with a kitchen and our Chef will be delighted to offer you a tailor-made formula. Be careful to ask us in advance for any special request!
Musikall naturally complies with all accessibility standards. The establishment is on one level. Some boxes are more particularly fitted out for wheelchair access and installation. They are indicated among the characteristics of the box when making your reservation.
Before, during or after Covid19, Musikall is a very safe place: the concept of partying in a small committee in a box is perfectly consistent with current health constraints. We clean and disinfect boxes, touch pad, surfaces, handles and of course and especially the microphones between each session. Our double-flow ventilation allows a continuous renewal of the air in each box far above the standards. This brings you comfort and security. We provide you hydroalcoholic gel and disinfectant wipes.
Everything is possible ! Requests of professionals are treated by our commercial manager on Special requests for private individuals are treated by our reception team, via the online form, by email on or by phone on +33 3 52 74 06 51.
Almost ! French, international, old fashion, latest news, we use the Karafun solution which offers a database of 40,000 titles, the largest to date. Be careful though: some artists refuse to be included in karaoke.
Absolutely ! We are happy to offer you a personalized gift card system that you can find in the section gift card.
The strong customer authentication of the Payment Services Directive 2, commonly known as PSD2, became effective on September 14, 2019. Its purpose is to establish a legal framework aimed at better protecting banks and their customers from fraud. More specifically, this directive obliges banks to further secure online payments and banking operations through strong authentication processes on the customer's identity.

In accordance with this system, Musikall takes all the necessary precautions to secure your online payment.