Musikall Bar Karaoké Box - 19 Rue de Thillois - Reims - 03 52 74 06 51
Musikall Bar Karaoké Box
19 Rue de Thillois - Reims
Musikall Bar Karaoké Box

Musikall is expanding into a brand licence Stop just studying us in detail! Do not copy us! Join us!

you want to open a KARAOKE BOX BUSINESS in your city?

You are here in the right place !

Created by professionals with more than 15 years experience in parties, events and hotel industry, Musikall is the result of a work of 2 beautiful years of R&D, commercial and market studies, and improvement of the concept (and maybe some of problems from outside) to achieve excellence in karaoke and fun in an economically favorable and efficient environment.

If you want to benefit from our technical and commercial expertise to open your own karaoke box, contact us :

Musikall Bar Karaoke Box is developing its brand license and relies on 100% internal technical and business expertise and on a team of enthusiasts. Audiovisual integration, programming and web development are in the heart of karaoke box: we have therefore structured our own subsidiary company exclusively dedicated to development and technology. Take advantage of our experience and our skills, save a precious time for the opening of your own karaoke box by joining Musikall, the most successful and chic karaoke box concept on the French market!