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The best activities to do in Reims in rainy weather

With its rich heritage and unique Champagne appeal, Reims is an ideal city as a getaway destination. When rain is the order of the day, what can we do in Reims? Rest assured, Reims has no shortage of activities to do, even in rainy weather. The Musikall Bar Karaoke is one of our best suggestions.

Read on to discover the best ideas for activities to do in Reims when it rains !


The unique experience N°1: the Musikall Bar Karaoke

Musikall an activity in Reims to do when it rainsOnly a few minutes from the Place d'Erlon, in the center of Reims City, the Musikall Bar Karaoke is an exceptional place that offers an extraordinary entertainment experience. This establishment, whose concept draws its inspiration from Asia, stands out in particular for its eight private karaoke rooms, offering all music lovers a space of freedom where they can let their singing talents shine.

The Musikall offers a pleasant atmosphere, especially on rainy days. Imagine sitting comfortably in your private room with a drink or hot drink on your lips, listening to your friends or family members sing their favorite songs. Musikall Bar Karaoke is a place where anything goes, so you can entertain yourself without having to worry about the rest of the world.

In addition, this space offers a tasting menu  ready to be shared, developed by chef Julien Berges. Whether you are in the mood to enjoy tapas or enjoy a little more elaborate cuisine, you can order your dish directly from the tablet in your cabin. Enough to spend a pleasant late rainy afternoonnibbling gastronomic delights and fully enjoying your private show.

Beyond Karaoke, head to the Musikall bar and its Art Deco atmosphere

Is it raining in Reims? book at MusikallMusikall Bar Karaoke is not just a karaoke space. Indeed, you can, while waiting or after your singing session, take the time to sip drinks in the elegant bar that counts the establishment. Inspired by the Art Deco style, this bar promises a warm and refined atmosphere, ideal for you to extend the pleasure experienced during your stay at the Musikall. Whether you are a music enthusiast in the broadest sense, a lover of gastronomy or simply looking for entertainment for rainy days, the Musikall Bar Karaoke in Reims is absolutely worth a visit!

To sum up, in Reims, a rainy day is far from inevitable, but rather an opportunity to find exceptional places to share unforgettable moments of happiness with your friends and loved ones. Don't wait any longer, put on your boots, take out your umbrellas and head to Musikall Bar Karaoke ! You can easily make online reservations, even if it's for the same day.

No matter the weather, whether the sun is shining or raining, the city of Reims can always welcome you. An unusual activity, thanks to its friendliness and innovative concept, Musikall Bar Karaoke is an excellent choice for those who wish to enjoy the city, in good or bad weather.


Activity N°2: discover the heritage of Reims

Despite the weather conditions, do not be afraid to walk to admire the grandiose architectural beauty of the streets of Reims. Essential activity, you can discover among others:

•    historical monument, the cathedral Notre-Dame de Reims, a true masterpiece of the Gothic style
•    the Palais du Tau, former residence of the Archbishop of Reims;
•    the Basilica of Saint-Remi in Reims, a remarkable Romanesque-Gothic work;
•    and the Porte de Mars, the famous Roman building in Reims.

Visit of the Surrender Museum

In this museum steeped in history, the German surrender was signed in 1945, marking the end of the Second World War throughout Europe. This museum offers a fascinating insight into this defining period of history, presenting to the public exhibitions of remains, photographs and various documents of the time.

Immerse yourself in the heart of history at Hotel Le Vergeur

It is a museum, occupying a sumptuous house of the thirteenth century, which reveals in an exciting way how life in Reims unfolded through the centuries. Visitors discover many works of art, antique furniture and various other valuables, while browsing renovated rooms that bear witness to the daily life of yesteryear. It's a great place to relax for an hour or two sheltered from the elements.

Explore a champagne house

karaoke activity in Reims to do when it rainsThe city of Reims is distinguished by its central position in the Champagne region where there are a multitude of renowned champagne houses. Many of them, such as Taittinger or Maison Pommery, offer amateurs and tourists guided tours of their exceptional cellars, often installed in old chalk pits, these vast networks in which cellars have been dug by hand.

This visit is a great opportunity to discover the different techniques of champagne making, from the vine to the bottle, while savoring several flutes of these precious beverages, with the inevitable tasting moment.


A relaxing break at the Jean Falala media library

This contemporary and warm media library is the favorite place to meet in all serenity for an afternoon. Whether you want to read a book, surf the net or simply relax in a serene environment, the Jean Falala media library offers you everything you need. It also has a space for children, enough to have a good time with the family on rainy days.

Discover the Reims Planetarium

If you want to enjoy an experience that is both educational and entertaining, go to the Reims Planetarium. You will be able to explore the depths of space and the wonders of our universe through a system of immersive projections. This activity is particularly suitable for outings with friends, family visits and for astronomy enthusiasts.

In each of these sites, guided tours are organized, allowing you to fully enjoy your walk while discovering the exciting history of the city.


Activity N°3: taste the local cuisine

The city of Reims has a reputation for offering the most delicious cuisine, ranging from local meats and cheeses to much more refined dishes. In addition to cultural outings, rainy days are the perfect opportunity to visit one of the many local gastronomic establishments. Lovers who prefer a more casual atmosphere can head to the city's bakeries and pastry shops where they can enjoy freshly baked pastries.


Participate in a cooking workshop

it's raining in reims, I'm bored... head to musikall best activity in reimsThe France enjoys a worldwide reputation for its tasty and refined gastronomy, Reims is no exception to the rule.

Take advantage of a rainy day to participate in a workshop dedicated to cooking.

The workshops are numerous and range from traditional French cuisine to pastry, bakery and even cheese workshops. You can learn how to make typical dishes, such as: coq au vin, beef bourguignon or pancakes, or embark on a more specific activity, such as a special macaroon workshop or an introduction to chocolate making.

All these workshops are supervised by professionals able to accompany you through the different stages and to transmit you the knowledge necessary to make these dishes at home.

In addition, you will have the chance to taste your preparations at the end of the workshop.


Activity N°4: place for creativity and art workshops

The city of Reims, which enjoys an exceptional cultural and artistic heritage, offers varied art workshops adapted to all levels. Whether you are a beginner in the field of art or an accomplished artist, the possibilities available to you are numerous and can perfectly match your interests and needs.

Thus, you will find, for example, workshops dedicated to painting and drawing, which will allow you to learn about different practices, ranging from basic sketching to oil painting techniques to watercolor. Similarly, there are workshops that offer training in sculpture, pottery or engraving.

Modern art lovers can participate in workshops focused on collage, street art painting or digital photography. Children can also participate in these workshops, allowing them to have fun and learn during rainy days.


Activity N°5: escape to an escape room

In the rain, a walk to the Crow's Feet Park is not the best recommendation. So, let's put sports activities on hold to activate laughter and brainstorms. If you like solving puzzles and mysteries, then you'll love spending the day in one of Reims' escape game rooms. You will be locked with your team in a room and will be given a set deadline to find solutions to puzzles and escape from the room. This activity is ideal for groups and is perfect for rainy weather.

So, even in rainy weather, Reims City is full of exciting activities to keep you dry and allow you to have fun without falling into the traditional board games. Therefore, remember to bring your umbrella and embark on an unforgettable adventure in this charming city!
Published on Tuesday 13 June 2023